Let’s grow your business together

Al-Tijaarat al-Raabehah helps you grow your business multifold. Aqa Moula TUS leads the Dawoodi Bohra community to build profitable and sustainable businesses across the world.

Our Vision

“If someone is earning 100, then may they earn 500

Our goal is to

Help the Dawoodi Bohra business community to grow exponentially.

This growth is inclusive of all income levels, sustainable, and capable of producing shared benefits.

This growth is founded on the increase in the strength of the community’s manufacturing and agricultural base.

The road to achieving this pattern of growth is a challenging one. Based on the various guidelines provided by the 52nd and 53rd Dai al Mutlaq, al-Tijaarat al-Raabehah has chalked out key areas to work on

Adherence to Shariyat Mohammediyah & Ethical Practices

Modern Best Practices

Supply Chain Integration

Community Partnerships

Women Entrepreneurship & Low Income Households


Diversification & Integration

Collaboration & Association